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How Heat can Affect your Shingles

Heat can affect your Roof Shingles in many ways. If you have a steeply sloped roof the shingles that face the sun will deteriorate quicker.

Warping is an effect from too many years of prolonged UV. Warping is also known as “curling”. The shingles will bend upwards due to the heat causing it to contract to pull it inward and upward.



Cracked shingles are still secure on the roof but because of the contraction, tension is put on the shingle and causes it to crack severely.



Decay is also known to happen to quite old shingles that have been collected the sun’s UV rays for 10+ years. Decayed shingles will be rotted and most likely missing chunks.



Unfortunately, you can’t repair a large area of damaged shingles. Most people do small repairs but in the long run, it would cost more, not to mention safety concerns. Re-Roofing is always best, and if you home is in direct sunlight installing more shingles may not be beneficial. Steel Roofing would be the best option as you would never have to re-roof again.

If you are ready to discuss a permanent solution we have many affordable products and financing.