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Finding a contractor you trust is no easy task! 

You want someone who's knowledgable about what eavestrough are going to match your home, your style and your budget. 

After your project how can you be sure it was done right? 

You want to feel secure, knowing you have someone to call if you need a hand with anything in the future. 

1st Choice Home Solutions has helped 100's of homeowners in London and area renovate exteriors with confidence and ease and we can't wait to help you go from worried to empowered about your eavestrough project. 

Eavestrough Products 1st Choice Home Solutions Offers

Gutter Clean Eavestrough System

Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Trough + Gutter Guard System

Save a weekend in the spring and fall and upgrade to the gutter clean eavestrough system and rain gutters, which prevent the build up of debris, ice and snow.  

This trough & gutter guard comes with a 40 year clog free warranty. These gutter can handle up to 755 mm of water per hour. The flex seal technology provides an airtight seal at the back of the eavestroughs, while the overlap holds the sections tightly together. 

More Product Information

  • installed on over 1 million homes across Canada
  • 40 year clog free warranty
  • reduces expansion & contraction that pulls trough away from house
  • winter shield to prevent snow from penetrating
  • flex seal attaches securely to trough keeping out snow and ice

T Rex Continuous Hanging Eavestroughs

The T Rex eavestrough system mounts your rain gutters more solidly on your home, making them much sturdier and longer lasting that trough mounted with spikes and hangers. 

This trough system can support 250lbs and 755 mm of water per hour. 

More Product Information

  • provides cover for corner sealants from UV rays prolonging the life of caulking
  • removes restriction along trough from hangers, to better direct snow melt and rain away from homes’ foundations
  • self-sealing screws equally spaced along trough length
Double Pro 2 Layer Eavestroughs

Double Pro Gutter Guard for Wooded Areas

Ideal for homes in heavily wooded areas or with close coniferous trees, the Double Pro Gutter Guards have 2 layers of drainage holes to prevent build up of pine needles. This trough system features a lifetime warranty on materials and clog-free performance. 

More Product Information

  • front raised edge sends excess water into drainage system instead of spilling
  • wintershield technology prevents ice from warping the metal and shifting the placement of your gutter guards & trough
  • available in matching  colours to soffit & fascia 
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why work with 1st Choice Home Solutions?

A 5 Star Reputation

With over 65 4+ star reviews on Google, we’re the company your friends, family & neighbours are using & recommending.


Minimum 4 Calls/Emails Throughout your Renovation

During the installation phase alone, you’ll always be kept in the loop with updates through your preferred method of text, phone or email.


Workmanship Guaranteed for Life

Work done on your home is completed by experienced & professional crews. We guarantee their work is done right for as long as you own your home so you can have complete peace of mind.

We've Helped These Homeowners Renovate Roofs, Siding, Windows & Doors with Confidence & Ease:

Planning for an Exterior Renovation can be a Daunting & Stressful Process

Choosing a eavestrough replacement company that cuts corners on materials and labour means your project may not be done right and you'll be left to deal with the consequences.

It's the worst feeling: you've just had the project completed and with the next big rain there's a steady drip coming out the corner, or the sloping arrangement isn't right and the water is overflowing the gutters and the company doesn't seem to be taking your calls. With the right renovation company that never has to happen!

1st Choice Home Solutions is here to help you through your renovation with confidence and ease. Together, we'll design your project with products that are high quality and durable and installed by professionals with both materials and workmanship backed by our lifetime warranties. It means that if something happens in the future we're the company you can trust to have your back.

A renovation with 1st Choice Home Solutions will leave you feeling happy and relieved knowing you've got a trusted contractor for life. 

With a 1st Choice Home Solutions Trough & Gutter Renovation You'll Get:

The 1st Choice Home Solutions Renovation Process

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Everyday of every season you have a renovation that you can be confident is secure, making your home a place of comfort and beauty.

Have Questions?
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You’re not alone. Many people just like you want to know exactly what to expect and how 1st Choice Home Solutions can help. 

Do you Do Repairs?

We guarantee the workmanship of all our projects, but we do not do repairs separate from our projects. 

Do you Install in the Winter?

Yes! While some crews don't work in extreme heat or cold (think -30C in winter or 39C in summer) as long as its not actively snowing, raining or hailing we can do your installation. 

Why Shouldn't I get the cheaper quote?

There are 2 places contractors can cut corners on: materials or labour. A cheaper quote means compromising quality on one & often both such as no paint guarantees for metal & steel roofing, exposed fasteners or less skilled labour who don't do a thorough job.