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Window renovations are a big job you can expect to last decades when done right, preventing leaking, condensation and cold drafts and even bring you energy savings when upgrading from single panes to double panes or double panes to triple panes.  

1st Choice Home Solutions uses only professional and experienced installers to give you a worry free renovation backed by our strong window workmanship & manufacturer warranties.

Our windows are manufactured regionally so you can be confident they're made with quality Canadian raw materials and by qualified craftsmen. 

1st Choice Home Solutions has helped 100's of homeowners replace and update their windows in London and area with confidence and ease. We can't wait to help you feel empowered and excited about your renovation. 

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1st Choice Home Solutions Window Collection

Casement Window Replacement Company

Picture, Casement & Awning Window Vinyl Series

With a turn crank and hinges at both bottom and top, casement windows are ideal for locations where wind direction is parallel to the window. The 90 degree turnout offers an opportunity to redirect air into your home. A casement window installation is also an opportunity for energy savings as they create a more air tight seal than sliding versions.  

Awning style windows are ideal to keep out inclement weather and increase privacy. This style is often found above other windows, above doorways, in bathrooms and on windows at ground level. An awning window installation also offers a more airtight seal than sliding windows. 

Our picture windows feature a non-opening pane, optimal for picturesque views. If you’re looking for the most energy efficient window, a picture window offers the most air tight seal as there are no moving parts. 

More Product Information

  • Del windows manufactured just outside Hamilton
  • Gentek windows manufactured in London
  • Cardinal Glass “Endur IG” spacer technology
  • Picture windows available in widths 16″ inches to 72″ inches and heights of 16″ inches to 76″ inches
  • Casement windows feature folding crank system, single lever & multi-point locking 
  • Casement windows ranging from widths of 16″ inches to 36″ inches and heights of 16″ inches to 76″ inches
  • Awning windows feature scissor-arm crank, 2 side locks and folding nested handle
  • Awning windows open from bottom outward and come in sizes from 20″-60″ inches wide and 16″ – 54″ inches tall. 
  • Standard Low-E glass and argon gas
  • Energy efficient – these windows have energy ratings of 40 down to 18 and thermal resistance ranging from 0.98 to 1.59
  • 6 Speciality tints & glazes for added privacy
  • 5 Hardware colour options
  • 1st Choice Home Solutions Workmanship Warranty

Picture, Casement & Awning Window Profiles

Click picture below to view full gallery. 

Sliding Windows in London Window Replacement Company London-2

Single & Double Hung Sliding & Egress Vinyl Windows

Our single and double hung energy-efficient windows offer the classic up and down or side to side window opening. Each window pane is removable for easy cleaning. This type of window replacement is the most common, because it is easy to operate and works with any style of home. Our vinyl window frames also offer superior insulation to fibreglass, wood and metal frames and reduced heat transfer meaning the cold air will stay in your home in the summer and the warm air stays in for the winter. 

We also offer egress windows to turn lower levels and basements into safe living spaces. Basement windows can be replaced with an egress window or we can create a new spot in the foundation. 

More Product Information

  • Available in vertical & horizontal sliding openings
  • Double Hung series ideal for hard to reach spots for window cleaning
  • Window frames can be tilted or removed for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for upper storey bedroom & bathroom windows
  • DEL windows manufactured just outside Hamilton 
  • Gentek windows manufactured in London
  • Lifetime & Ooops Warranty on DEL windows
  • Multi-chamber frames & internal glazing stops to hold glass panes more securely
  • Standard Night Locks
  • Eco-friendly choice with energy ratings ranging from 15 to 32 & triple weather seal 
  • Standard Low-E glass and argon gas
  • Custom colour frame choice
  • 5 Hardware colour options
  • 1st Choice Home Solutions Workmanship Warranty

Sliding & Egress Window Profiles

Click picture below to view full gallery. 

Bay Living Room Windows in London Window Replacement Company London-2

Bay & Bow Vinyl Windows

Our bay and bow vinyl window collection brightens the perfect spot in your home to curl up and read a book or gaze outside. These windows feature a wide angle view and let in the most light; typical window configurations have a larger centre window and 2 side windows available with and without openings. As a window replacement with optional closed seals it will deliver excellent energy savings especially when upgrading from older style single pane windows. 

More Product Information

  • Ideal for sunny areas, living rooms and family rooms
  • Each window is custom built so you can add openings and style options like grille patterns
  • Bay & Bow windows have 3 or more window panels with optional operating sashes on each end
  • These windows tilt inward for easy cleaning 
  • Separate screens for each window
  • DEL windows manufactured just outside Hamilton
  • Gentek windows manufactured in London
  • Lifetime & Ooops warranty on DEL windows
  • Multi-chamber frames & internal glazing stops to hold glass panes more securely
  • Double wall pull rail system for smoother window track operation
  • Internal reverse weep covers to allow excess water drainage
  • Eco-friendly choice with energy ratings ranging from 15 to 32 
  • 1st Choice Home Solutions Workmanship Warranty

Bay & Bow Window Profiles

Click picture below to view full gallery. 

Velux Skylight Window

Velux & Fakro Skylights & Sun Tunnels

Our skylight collection is available in 4 styles: Solar Powered Venting, Electric Venting, Manual Venting & Fixed. The skylights feature 3 layers of waterproofing protection including deck seal, underlayment and flashing. 

Our sun tunnel series is perfect for spaces in the home that require a small dose of natural light such as upper storey closets and hallways. Reflective interiors deliver an impressive amount of light. Sun tunnels also have a nightlight option and 3 different diffusers. 

More Product Information

  • Fakro skylights use specialty spacers between glass panes to prevent condensation between panes
  • Perimeter gasket provides extra insulation
  • Fakro skylights range in sizes from 25.5″ square up to 25.5 by 73.5″ and a variety of sizes in between
  • Can be manufactured in over 200 trim colours
  • Velux skylights use laminated glass with Neat glass coating to keep skylights cleaner longer
  • Reduces noise 25% better than other skylights
  • 10 year warranty from hail damage
  • For deck & curb mounted skylights there are 3 layers of water protection
  • Sun tunnels are available in 10″ inch diameters up to 33″ inches
  • Depth ranges from 15″ inches to 60″ inches
  • Velux sun tunnels have 4 types of flashing on rigid models for maximum light
  • Fakro has 30 year warranty on tempered glass
  • Velux offers a 20 year warranty on seals, 10 years on parts, 10 years on hail for laminated glass and 5 ears for controls
  • Fakro skylights available with mosquito screens

Skylight & Sun Tunnel Window Profiles

Click picture below to view full gallery. 

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Not to mention those windows might not be sealed correctly, let in a draft or fog within a year or two. With the right renovation company that never has to happen!

1st Choice Home Solutions is here to help you through your renovation with confidence and ease. Together, we'll design your new windows with products that are energy efficient, high quality, durable and installed by professionals with both materials and workmanship backed by our lifetime warranties. 

A window replacement renovation with 1st Choice Home Solutions will leave you feeling happy and relieved knowing you've got a trusted contractor for life. 

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You’re not alone. Many people just like you want to know exactly what to expect and how 1st Choice Home Solutions can help. 

What time of Year is the Best to replace windows?

The late spring or early summer or mid to late fall are great times to replace windows since your home won't lose a lot of cold air or heat while the windows are being taken out. Replacing windows can also stir up insect activity around the home's exterior so spring is especially great since they won't be as active. To get your window replacement within these times we'd recommend contacting contractors 10-12 weeks before hand so there is plenty of time for the second confirmation measure and for the manufacturer to build your windows.

how much does an egress window cost?

An egress window is legally required in basement rooms in which someone is living. They are usually loated in basement bedrooms. Some involve enlarging an already exisiting window to meet size requirements for an egress or cutting a new hole for a window altogether. Pricing for enlarging an already existing window is around $1500 and covers both the new window and the window installation. Cutting concrete requires the use of a special type of saw and egress windows requiring this will be around $2500. Please note these prices are guidelines only and don't represent formal quotes and were updated in June 2022. 

Do you replace skylights?

In our 25+ years of experience when skylights are replaced by themselves they have a very high chance of creating problems with a roof. 1st Choice Home Solutions only replaces or adds skylights or sun tunnels when replacing the entire roof to help homeowners avoid future problems with leaking.

Why Shouldn't I get the cheaper quote?

There are 2 places contractors can cut corners on: materials or labour. A cheaper quote means compromising quality on one & often both such as no paint guarantees for metal & steel roofing, exposed fasteners or less skilled labour who don't do a thorough job.  

Do you Do Repairs?

We guarantee the workmanship of all our projects, but we do not do repairs separate from our projects.