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The Most Detailed Quotes

Our detailed quotes lay every item out line by line so you know exactly how much goes into your renovation right down to the trim & insulation. 

A Personalized Renovation

When others say you have limited options, we offer complete customization & personalized project support from initial quote, to material & scheduling updates to onsite visits & final inspections. 

10 & 20 Year Warranties on Patio Doors

Things happen! A locking mechanism might start to feel funny or your door just doesn’t slide right after 8 years. With 1st Choice Home Solutions, we’re just a call away. 

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Working with 1st Choice Home Solutions means getting a renovation tailored to you with all quote & project details carefully laid out.

Sliding Patio Door London

Sliding Patio Doors

Our most popular style of patio doors conserve space on both sides of the door and offer seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors feature large glass panels that slide horizontally on tracks, offering unobstructed views and ample natural light. With their smooth gliding operation and space-saving design, sliding patio doors are ideal for smaller areas where swing doors may not be practical.

Patio Door Replacement

French Patio Doors

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and charm to your home, French patio doors are an excellent option. These doors consist of two hinged panels that swing open from the center, creating a wide and inviting entryway. French patio doors are known for their timeless beauty and can instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of both traditional and contemporary homes. With their ability to maximize ventilation and create a grand entrance, French doors are a favorite among homeowners who prioritize style and sophistication.

Close Enough Measurements Don't Cut it
Our Hover software allows us to get far more accurate measurements than aerials would allow - plus homeowners get a personalized model of what the products look like on their home
Get it Accurate & Get it Personalized with 1st Choice Home Solutions
With us you avoid multiple quote adjustments and delays due to inaccurate materials orders
This Level of Precision & Care Carries Right on Through the Rest of your Project
From our line by line quotes which show you exactly what you're getting, to our comprehensive dual-lifetime warranties & final inspections - with 1st Choice Home Solutions - the details are covered.
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Energy Efficiency & Security Features

When selecting patio doors, it’s essential to consider energy efficiency and security. Ours offer weatherstripping, Low-E glass coatings and insulated frames to minimize heat transfer and enhance energy efficiency. Opting for patio doors equipped with sturdy locking mechanisms, multi-point locking systems such as foot locks and impact-resistant glass also ensure the safety and security of your home.

northstar patio doors

North Star Patio Door Energy Efficiency Ratings

NorthStar Patio Doors London
patio door with blinds

NovaTech Patio Door Energy Efficiency Ratings

Patio Door Replacements to Love Now & 10 Years Later

Patio doors are more than just a gateway to your backyard; they can transform your kitchen or living room, add natural light, give easy access to the outdoors, provide durable security and keep the cat in. Choosing the right patio doors can make a significant difference in the overall light coming in and functionality of your room.

When you do a renovation with 1st Choice Home Solutions we're the friendly experts, here to guide you from listening to your concerns and needs and taking you through the selection of features and products to help you select the right door for your home. Together we can show you the benefits of different materials to help you make an informed decision to suit your budget.

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