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Complete Collection of VicWest Steel Available from True Nature Slate & Cedar Shake to Coastal Wave Tile & Standing Seam Hidden Fastener Vertical Panels from Prestige & Regency Collections

VicWest Steel & Metal Roofing: The Collection that Brings Elevated Style & Options:

❖ Longer Lasting & Durable Metal Profiles: Cedar Shake, Standing Seam & Slate

❖ Nobody else offers 30 years of colour fade and rust protection or 50 years against corrosion or structural failure PLUS an option to transfer to the next homeowner

❖ Premium Metal 28 Gauge or 0.0148″ inches thick

❖ Save an estimated 15% or $109 – $234 off Annual Ontario Electric Bills with Cool Roof Technology¹ 

❖ VicWest True Nature Panels are secured on all 4 sides for a superior water seal complete with water shed channels for diversion & weeping holes for drainage  

❖ Hidden Fasteners = Better Weatherproofing & Structural Integrity of the Metal + No Need to Replace Exposed Screws

❖ Signature Matte 8-Layer SMP Paint System or Expressence Premium PVDF 9-Layer Paint System Guaranteed Against Fading for 30 Years

Click image below for enlarged True Nature Shake & Coastal Wave metal panel detail view

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VicWest Slate, Coastal Wave, Cedar Shake & Standing Seam Colour Collection

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Watch a VicWest True Nature Cedar Creek Shake Mini Demo

There’s nothing like seeing a product installed to get a true sense of what your home can look like. Check out this Burnished Slate cedar shake roof located in Montreal. With 5 different steel profiles, VicWest offers the most roofing options so you can find the perfect style for your home. 

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VicWest delivers a Lifetime warranty on the base steel substrate guaranteeing it will not lose impact resistance, burn, support combustion, or perforate as a result of corrosion. For 40 years VicWest True Nature metal roofs will not chip, crack, peel or otherwise lose adhesion and for 30 years the degree of surface chalk & colour fade of shall be in accordance with VicWest Performance Criteria. 

PLUS when you install with 1st Choice Home Solutions you get our Dual LIFETIME Ltd. Workmanship Warranty. 

And if you’re the type of person who wants to read all the nitty-gritty details, you can check out the robustness of the VicWest True Nature Warranty here: VicWest True Nature Steel Roofing Warranty

VicWest Metal Roofing Sample Project Gallery

Have Questions?
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You’re not alone. Many people just like you want to know exactly what to expect and how 1st Choice Home Solutions can help. 

what is the minimum slope for metal roofing?

Each metal product will have a unique minimum slope the manufacturer will still warranty their product on. If you're thinking about replacing with a metal roof and using VicWest, their products from the True Nature line of Slate & Shake go down to a 3/12 slope or 14° of the horizontal. If your slope is 2/12 we do offer Ideal Roofing Low Slope Pocket Rib Metal Roofs and Ideal Roofing's Heritage Standing Seam panel.

Can you install Metal Roofing over Shingles?

The answer is it depends! In most cases yes you can provided the roof below is in good condition and no rot or soft spots are detected and there aren't too many layers already on. It does also depend on the type of metal roof you are putting on, some require strapping which are wood pieces that crisscross under the panels and some even have double strapping. The only real way to tell what your roof needs though is to have a professional come out an assess it.

What colour of metal roofing is best?

For the greatest energy savings a white or lighter colour metal roof will reflect the most solar rays and reduce heat transference. The industry standard for this is the solar reflectance index (SRI) and is on a scale from 1- black reflects absorbs almost all light to 100 which would reflect all light. Select the link below to view VicWest's complete colour collection with SRI ratings.

Do you Do Repairs?

We guarantee the workmanship of all our projects, but we do not do repairs separate from our projects. 

Do you Install VicWest Metal Roofing in the Winter?

Yes! While some crews don't work in extreme heat or cold (think -30C in winter or 39C in summer) as long as its not actively snowing, raining or hailing we can do your installation. 

Do you replace skylights?

In our 25+ years of experience when skylights are replaced by themselves they have a very high chance of creating problems with a roof. 1st Choice Home Solutions only replaces or adds skylights or sun tunnels when replacing the entire roof to help homeowners avoid future problems with leaking.