Wakefield Bridge Metal Roofing: Best in Quality

What's the Product Contractors Want to Put on Their Own Homes?

If there's one type of metal roofing that stands above the rest on looks, durability, longevity and its warranty - it would be our Wakefield Bridge Metal Roofing.

The Wakefield Bridge is our Favourite for a Number of Reasons:

❖ THE BEST Metal Roofing Warranty Across the Industry.


❖ Nobody else offers 30 years of colour fade and rust protection or 50 years against corrosion or structural failure PLUS an option to transfer to the next homeowner

❖ Premium Metal Gauge: 29 or 0.17″ inches thick

❖ Save $109 – $234 off Annual Ontario Electric Bills with Cool Roof Technology¹ 

❖ Wakefield Bridge Metal Panels are secured with 1-inch corrosion resistant, low profile, self-drilling steel screws with Teflon-coated washers

❖ Hidden Fasteners = Better Weatherproofing & Structural Integrity of the Metal

❖ Kynar 500 Multi-Layer Paint Film Guaranteed Against Fading for 30 Years

❖ Resists Tornados with Wind Uplift Resistance up to 177Km/h

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The Complete Wakefield Bridge Metal Roofing Colour Collection

Wakefield Bridge Colour Collection


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Seeing is believing. Get up close and personal with these metal panels to see how they look from the ground and from above. We’ll also bring samples to your initial appointment so you can see exactly what quality looks and feels like. 

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Whatever the competition is offering – it WON’T be topped by Wakefield Bridge’s 50 year transferable materials warranty. PLUS when you install with 1st Choice Home Solutions you get our Dual LIFETIME Ltd. Workmanship Warranty. 

And if you’re the type of person who wants to read all the nitty-gritty details, you can check out the robustness of the Wakefield Bridge Warranty here: Ideal Roofing Wakefield Bridge Steel Roofing Warranty

Wakefield Bridge Metal Roofing Sample Photo Gallery

From war time bungalows to large new builds to brick century homes, this style of metal roofing suits more sizes & styles of home than any other. Because it’s designed from street view to look like regular asphalt shingles, it blends seamlessly in your neighbourhood. These metal shingles are upscale and classic while not being too decorative or busy. 

How Does Installing Wakefield Bridge Metal Work?

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Year Round Comfort & Peace of Mind for Decades

Everyday of every season you have a Wakefield Bridge Metal Roof that you can be confident is secure, making your home a place of comfort and beauty, backed by our materials and workmanship warranties.
Make Your Life Easier with Wakefield Bridge Metal Roofing:

Have Questions about Metal Roofing?
We've Got Answers!

You’re not alone. Many people just like you want to know exactly what to expect and how 1st Choice Home Solutions can help. 

Aren't Metal Roofs Loud in the Rain?

Considering steel roofing, but worried the sound of rain will keep you up at night? No problem! While rain might be noisy on a metal roof in a barn, there's underlayment as well as roof decking under your metal roofing to help mute any noise. 
A study conducted by The Acoustic Group of the University of Lulea in Sweden determined the amount of sound emitted when rain falls on various roofing materials. They found the difference between metal and asphalt shingles was negligible with only a 6dB difference.  
For comparison, a normal conversation clocks in at about 60dB and rain on a metal roof registers at about 52dB, while asphalt comes in at 46dB.

Do you Install metal roofing n the Winter?

Yes! While some crews don't work in extreme heat or cold (think -30C in winter or 39C in summer) as long as its not actively snowing, raining or hailing we can do your installation. 

Why are the Prices so different between companies?

Most metal roofing companies are installing different types of metal products. The quality of metal & paint layer is going to be the cause for the differences. Cheaper metals be bulkier, will have exposed fastener systems and a low grade paint system, prone to fading and rust long before high quality multi-layer paint systems. With low quality paint systems significant fading will occur around the 13-15 year mark.

Can I add a skylight?

Yes! When you are replacing your roof is the best time to add or replace your skylights. With over 25 years of roofing experience, we only replace skylights when redoing the roof. Replacing both at the same time makes sure the seal between your skylight and roof as tight as possible. 

¹ Rylan Urban. (2021, December 26). Electricity prices in Canada 2021. energyhub.org. Retrieved from https://www.energyhub.org/electricity-prices/